"D" Ring Adjustable Ear Hanger CWC-DRA1W-K

"D" Ring Style Ear Hanger E1-ET2KA131
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  • Item #: CWC-DRA1W-K

Great for use at events and anywhere discreet communications are desired

Features of the CWC-DRA1W-K:

  • Soft Rubber Ear Loop with Speaker
  • Adjusts to fit left or right ear
  • Straight through in-line mini PTT with microphone 
  • Clothing Clip
The CWC-DRA1W-K will work with these Kenwood Radios:

TK3130, TK308, TK3100, TK2160, TK3160, TK272G, TK372G, TK3130 ProTalk XLS, TK3131 FreeTalk XLS, TK3100, TK2170, TK3170, TK3201, TK3200, TK3200, TK1373, TK373G, TK259, TK359, TK220, TK320, TK240, TK340, TK270G, TK260G, TK360G, TK240D, TK370G, TK340D, TK208, TK248, TK348, TK2100, TK3101, TK2102, Free Talk XLS, ProTalk XLS, TK2202, TK2302, TK3202, TK3302, TK430, TK431, TK250, TK350, TK353, TK260G, TK360G, TK270G, TK370G, TK2200,TK2312
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