VX-829, 5W, 450-512MHz, 512 CH, VHF/UHF Portable Radio

VX-829, 5W, 450-512MHz, 512 CH, VHF/UHF Portable Radio
  • Item #: VX-829-G7-5

Includes FNB-V128LI-UNI 2300mAH Li-Ion Battery , ATU-6D Antenna , and VAC-UNI Charger

Compact Size With Robust Capabilities
Don’t let the size deceive you. The smallest radio offered by
Vertex Standard is unobtrusive and easy to wear all day and built
with more enhanced features typically not found in other radios
of this size. Designed to perform in the most demanding and
critical conditions, the VX-820 Series gives you maximum radio
performance for less in size and less in total cost of ownership.

Withstands Harsh Environments
Rain, snow, fire suppression spray and dust are no problem for these radios
manufactured to strict IP ratings. The VX-820 Series meets international
waterproofing standard IP 57 where fresh water does not harm the radio when
submersed to a depth of three feet for up to 30 minutes.

Intrinsically Safe
Intrinsically safe models are SGS certified to the requirements of ANSI/UL913
5th Edition for use in Class I, II, III, Division 1; Groups C, D, E, F, G; Temp T3C
hazardous locations.

Long-Lasting Power for Responsiveness
To give you maximum performance, the VX-820 Series offers a choice of
Li-Ion battery power up to 3000 mAh for over 20 hours of battery life (per

Tailored Communications to Meet Your Demands
Get the ultimate signaling performance with a choice of multiple 2-tone encode
and decode or 5-tone signaling to support the most advanced communications
needs from individual to fleet operations. The front panel also includes a 7-color
LED with a variable flash pattern for custom incoming call alerts.

When Safety Counts – Never Be Alone
When help is needed, the VX-820 Series has Emergency notification that will
switch to a designated channel and send an emergency alert. The radios also
include Remote Listen which turns the radio on remotely if needed to check out
what is happening near the radio.

Loud Audio for Noisy Environments
With 700 mW audio output, be assured of hearing critical information you need
in most situations.

Exclusive Auto-Range Transpond System – ARTS™
Always know your connection status. Only Vertex Standard radios are designed
to inform you when you and another ARTS™-equipped radio are within
communication range. If out of range, your radio senses no signal has been received
and beeps to alert you. A great solution to keep your workers coordinated.

Additional Features:
512 Channel capacity (VX-829/824)
16 Channel capacity (VX-821)
Wide band coverage
Nine programmable keys (VX-829)
Seven programmable keys (VX-824)
Three programmable keys (VX-821)
Programmable channel selector
Direct channel recall
12-Character alphanumeric display (VX-829/824)
RX/TX Battery power save
DTMF Speed Dial (VX-829)
Stun/kill/revive (5-tone)
Lone Worker
Auto-Range Transpond System (ARTS™)
Minimum volume control
Scan options: Priority, Dual Watch, Follow-me,
Follow-me Dual Watch, Talk Around
Programmable home channel function
Radio-to-radio cloning

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